This blog is mainly for my pleasure and is NSFW. If you are a minor please go somewhere else. A little about me I'm a 53 year old male that is happily married. I found Tumblr about 3 months before the great purge and I'm extremely happy that BDSMLR has made a place to hang out. Hope some enjoy the blog and if you message me hopefully I will figure out how to respond.

Spicy 🌶 

Whoever made this gif is a master, it's so seamless and the quality is phenomenal. Kudos to who made the gif, and I wished you made more.

My aunt was only a few years older than me, but she'd never really had an orgasm. I showed her how good they could be.

Spicy 🌶 

when you ride Him like this...

canvas painting....

Nice   *s*